Marlins News · 1st Annual Marlin Lift-A-Thon Sponsored BY Dat Cajun Place

On Wednesday, March 10th. The Arnold Marlin football team will be holding the first annual Marlin lift-a-thon.

In order to run a competitive football program, funds need to be raised to offset the cost of camps, equipment, apparel and many other necessary items. The Marlin Football Lift-A-Thon will be a fundraiser to assist the Marlin Football team in securing these needs. We are seeking community support in the form of donations and sponsors for this fundraising event. Every player in the football program will participate in the lift-a-thon to help raise these necessary funds.  

Each player will execute two lifts: (1) bench (2) squat.  The combined weight of these lifts will be each player’s “total lift”, to which donations will be applied.


We are seeking donations in three different formats: 


  • Per Pound Donation – Agree to donate a specified dollar amount per pound.
    (Example: if you agree to 10 cents per pound and your athlete lifts a combined 400 pounds, your donation is $40). 
  • Flat-Rate Donation – Donate any amount of your choosing to help support the program. 
  • Business Sponsor. (Contact Coach Campbell)



All funds received will go directly to the Marlin Football Program athletes.
This is your opportunity to support your athlete and the Marlin football program.


Payment: Make Checks to ARNOLD HS  ONLY

  • Click on <PARENTS> tab at top of page
  • Click on <PAY FOR SCHOOL ACTIVITIES> tab – right side of page
  • Scroll to the bottom of the page
  • Click on <PLEASE CLICK HERE> in blue letters
  • Click on <J.R. ARNOLD HIGH> tab 
  • Click on <LIFT-A-THON> 
  • Select amount and <ADD TO CART> 
  • Proceed to <CHECK-OUT> 


For more information or to be a sponsor:                                 

Phone # 850-767-3759   <Coach Campbell